• 1

    » The more time flies
    the more we take
    our time for you. «

    Dr. Günter Bauer

  • 2

    » Our Approach: A lot more can
    be achieved by talking outside
    rather than inside a courtroom. «

    Jens Goldschmidt

  • 3

    » We don´t provide off-the-shelf
    solutions. We develop solutions
    spacifically for you. «

    Michael Jahn

  • 13

    » Good Advice is not expensive,
    it´s invaluable – as we have
    proved over 85 years. «

    Dr. Oliver Kienle

  • 5

    » Generalists and specialists
    working as Business entrepreneurs
    for your organization. «

    Michael Pflanzer

  • 7

    » Detailed work
    is the best way of
    avoiding nasty surprises. «

    Angelika Seuster

  • 8

    » To give you a
    solution, we think
    outside the box. «

    Andreas Wellens

  • 9

    » Every Task is different.
    Difference is our routine. «

    Andrea Witte

  • 12

    » Our Clients appreciate
    personal support,
    dedication and flexibility. «

    Dr. Matthias Seiler

  • 14

    » Our Goal?
    Your Success! «

    Prof. Dr. Simon Bulla


Legal and tax affairs call for a safe pair of hands. With eighty years of experience we know how much a company's performance or a person's individual aims can benefit from dedicated consulting.

That is why we offer active and tailored solutions. Our staff are experts in legal, economic and tax consulting. They have a proven track record. In addition, because of the way our practice is structured, we can offer interdisciplinary teams as required. This allows us to develop an optimal and effective approach for your business.

Talk to us about your goals, especially if the cases in which you are involved are complex. As one of the most successful practices in Augsburg, we set very high standards - something greatly appreciated and welcomed by our clients.